The Sky’s the Limit

Aviator Aspirations: A Young Man’s Journey from a Paper Route to Owning the Patriots Jet Team

From a very early age, Randy “Howler” Howell knew it was his destiny to fly. Now his own dreams realized help to inspire others. In 1972, a local writer in Florida working for the Palm Beach Post interviewed an 18 year-old who had delivered enough newspapers to start paying for flying lessons. Read more

The Patriots Jet Team Helps Make the Battlefield 4 Release a Soaring Success

The media comes out in full force to cover the Patriots Jet Team’s performance at the Battlefield 4 release.

Here at the Patriots Jet Team headquarters, we believe that everything is better when you add jets. Apparently, the folks over at Electronic Arts do too. They recently hired us to fly over their offices to celebrate the launch of their new game, Battlefield 4.

On October 29th, we surprised the hardworking staff over at EA with an aerial demonstration that rocked the whole office! Read more

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