Our Partners

Stellant Systems partners with civil, military and commercial organizations to create technical foundations for safer, more aware, and connected world.  Stellant is a premier manufacturer of critical spectrum and power amplification systems for defense, space, medical, scientific, and industrial customers worldwide. From protecting America and its allied warfighters to providing key components for critical cancer treatments to ensuring secure, timely communications across the globe and the solar system, Stellant Systems helps their customers and partners meet a wide variety of mission needs.


Goodyear provides all the Patriots Jets landing gear tires. They are a leading manufacturer of aviation tires for commercial, military and general aviation aircraft.

Concorde Batteries provides the batteries for the Patriots show jets and support aircraft. Concorde Battery Corporation is a manufacturer of quality lead-acid batteries for aircraft, marine, medical, emergency backup, and photovoltaic applications as well as flooded lead-acid batteries for commercial and military aircraft. 

United Color Manufacturing provides the red and blue smoke oil mix that gives us the spectacular patriotic smoke trails in the sky!  The company is a global leader in the design and production of dyes for various specialty applications.

Copper State Petroleum provides the Patriots Jet Team with its smoke oil. The primary purpose of aviation smoke oil is for safety; it has to be a visible marker in the air for aviation teams to see where each plane is during an aerobatic routine. A better hang time is crucial for improved safety of the performers. A secondary purpose is that it looks really cool! _


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