As a part 91 operation utilizing CJ’s and a Challenger 604, we require all of our pilots to receive recurrent training in a simulator every 6 months. The sim is a great way to train for fires, engine failures, traffic collision avoidance etc. but is limited to “unusual attitude recovery” and the recovery from the first indications of stalls. Although flight simulators portray an excellent reality in the normal envelope, they are currently only required to be accurate to the first indication of the stall, when pilots in training are expected to demonstrate recovery.

Complex upset scenarios CANNOT accurately be represented in a flight simulator. The Patriots Jet Team UPRT is, without a doubt, the best source of training for upset scenarios. The ground sessions are based on the harsh circumstances in which flight crew failed to recognize or react correctly to aircraft upset. Thorough explanation of the correct recovery procedures are given but the point is truly driven home when recovering the L39 and Sabreliner multiple times which gives the pilot the necessary muscle memory and spatial awareness to respond correctly when your body is exposed to extreme or negative G’s. The Patriot Jet Team is the only UPRT trainer operating Sabreliner’s which accurately portray the forces required to recover a transport category aircraft from an upset scenario.

The Patriot’s have a unique training model which will ultimately save lives.

Kevin Darcy, Chief Pilot – The Wolff Company


“Half way around the world to train something that we hope will never occur? It better be worth the hassle…” – with the CEO’s words still in mind I flew to Byron to meet the Patriots Jet Team and their UPRT-Program. Scheduling and all the administrative stuff were superbly handled  and so I was looking forward to the training – despite the fact that I was the only trainee and so the phrase “4 hours of academics” didn’t sound too promising. Fortunately Randy’s UPRT- academics are not the typical classroom scenario but more like a fact-filled discussion about the topic with lots of different perspectives, thanks to Randy’s diverse background in aviation. And, it’s not even in a sterile classroom, but in the lounge area of the Patriot’s hangar, making the situation even more enjoyable.

The flying portion of the training was commenced in the most professional manner for the setup – unknown aircraft (which are meticulously maintained, unknown airspace and quite a number of exercises to be accomplished. The briefings however, gave all the necessary information without overloading the trainee and the great support from the crew chiefs even kept the exposure to the unfamiliar high Californian temperatures to a minimum. After a few exercises to get a feeling for the airplane, the flights focussed on the application of the recovery mantra “Push – Roll – Power – Recover” in various flight regimes – everything was videotaped for the debriefing, which made them really effective.

The Sabreliner-flight however, was the highlight of the training – finding yourself upside down in a business jet with a rather limited range of available G’s to recover was “quite a feeling” (even with a fair amount of inverted flight experience as aerobatic flight instructor) and it was fantastic to see, that the recoveries all worked as trained before.

In conclusion I was glad to tell the boss, that the training was worth every single mile travelled and a real asset to our flight department’s training scheme, as some situations just can’t be simulated to the level of live flying.”

Alex S., Falcon Pilot, Munich, Germany

Just finished the two-day UPRT course with the Patriots Jet Team.  Randy and his group at Patriots have a top-notch program and focus on the “startle factor” and other psychological aspects of a real-world upset while refreshing one’s knowledge of the aerodynamics involved.  These concepts are reinforced through review and discussion of tragic, yet preventable, loss-of-control mishaps.

The culmination, of course, is putting their “Push, Roll, Power” recovery techniques into action in the L-39 and the Sabreliner.  The L-39 flights build confidence and increase SA, and the Sabreliner flight is the perfect capstone to the whole training experience.  When’s the last time you needed full aileron input to correct an inflight situation?  Well, Randy will show you, and the training he provides gives YOU the confidence to identify an upset situation and make the proper recovery.  He allows you to make mistakes and learn from them, and you’ll have a heck of a lot of fun to boot!

My thanks to the entire Patriots Jet Team for the great training experience!

Paul Jennings, Captain and Safety Officer, Glass Aviation


In all my years of flying, this was one of the best training events of my career.  Every pilot should consider this type of training.  Randy and his team are tremendous.”

Scott Wells, Lead Pilot for Clif Bar & Company


“I just had my first experience with upset training … wow, it is definitely something everyone should do, particularly when you are a new jet pilot, as am I with a recently acquired Citation M2.

I did my training with the Patriots Jet Team, based in Byron, CA (C83). While there were a wide range of maneuvers, what really stuck with me was the “wake turbulence encounter”, during which we configured ourselves inverted with the nose 40 degrees below the horizon on final “at 1000′ AGL” … okay, we were actually a bit higher than that 🙂 The first attempt wasn’t pretty, but I nailed it the second time and have a whole new sense of awareness about what could happen, and the potential for me to safely recover.

The unique aspect for me about the Patriots Jet Team program was that we did a number of these INVERTED and complete roll maneuvers in a *business* jet … a Sabreliner … for me, this was far more realistic than the other options (Patriots do some of their training in an L-39 as well). Amazing to do the full range of upset maneuvers in a corporate jet.

                           Stephen Elop – Executive Vice Pres. Microsoft’s Devices and Services


I had the distinct pleasure of taking the Patriots Jet Team Unusual Attitude Training program recently in the Saberliner and found the whole program from start to finish to be a valuable and eye opening experience. Although I have many hours of aerobatic experience flying Warbirds in air shows, I have never had the opportunity to put a biz jet through a series of flight maneuvers that demonstrate just how dangerous upsets can be. I had falsely assumed that my aerobatics training would allow me to successfully deal with most upset situations. Although I didn’t experience the loss of SA (situational awareness) that many non-aerobatic pilots experience the first time they roll an aircraft upside down, I was very surprised at the aerodynamic performance of the Saberliner and what it demonstrated in several “typical” upset scenarios.

The program is well designed to provide both the unusual attitude training to help pilots deal with the physiological challenges of upset along with the aircraft handling and aerodynamic issues they will face in real world upset scenarios.

I highly encourage all pilots, regardless of their experience in aerobatics, to take advantage of the Patriots UAT course and gain a far greater understanding of the challenges of upset scenarios and the important skills required to safely respond to upset encounters.

            Mark Peterson – Citation Jet Pilot – Chairman of the Board Classic Jet Aircraft Association


“The Patriots Upset Training course is required learning for any corporate aircraft crew, owner or operator. I’ve never expected to be upside down in our corporate aircraft but after flying with Randy in the Sabreliner I’m not worried about it anymore. There is no substitute for real upset training in a real corporate jet and the Patriots course, better than anything else I’ve seen, teaches exactly what to do should the unthinkable happen. Randy’s thousands of hours in every kind of company jet makes for an enjoyable, high value learning experience and I can’t recommend it enough.”

     Bret Cox – CEO of Hello Mobile Inc.


“The Patriots Jet Team’s UPRT program is unique in the truest sense of the word.  Not only among the world’s best instructors, but the only certified actual UAT in a business jet.  I was absolutely impressed with the professionalism, attention to every detail and the rude awakening that I was not ready for a 20,000LB Saberliner to roll and loop.  And that’s coming from a 1,000 acrobatic hours pilot with an equal amount in jets!  This program is a far departure from the “usual” UAT options in that you will train in an aircraft quite similar to the type you fly as a professional; multi-engine swept-wing business jet.  The knowledge shared by living in unusual attitudes as exemplified by the Patriots Instructors is well worth the price of admission.  You will be trained by THE best in THE most real-world scenarios.  A Class D Sim is great for many things, UPRT is not one of them.”

Kevin Walker -Vice President and CTO, Juniper Networks