From the Ground Crew to You

Aviator Aspirations: A Young Man’s Journey from a Paper Route to Owning the Patriots Jet Team

From a very early age, Randy “Howler” Howell knew it was his destiny to fly. Now his own dreams realized help to inspire others. In 1972, a local writer in Florida working for the Palm Beach Post interviewed an 18 year-old who had delivered enough newspapers to start paying for flying lessons. Read more

Patriots Jet Team Member Soars in the Sky and the Water

Team member Michael Temby’s barefoot waterskiing video goes viral.

It’s no secret that Patriots Jet Team members love adrenaline. Since we can’t all fly the jets, we often look for other ways to feed the need for speed. That is why our team member, Michael Temby, likes to waterski.

Michael isn’t your average water skier, though. In fact, Michael doesn’t really ski. You see, Michael is a barefoot water skier. That’s right. He skis without skis. He also doesn’t really ski. He dances, dives and flips on the water. Read more

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