Meet the Team

It Takes a Team to Soar

It takes more than World Class professional pilots – we are a team of pilots, support pilots, ground crew, and support crew. With the Patriots Jet Team you have a pool of talent with more than 105,000 hours of flight time that have performed in more than 1,500 air shows.


Dean “Wilbur” Wright

Lead #1
As the Patriots Lead Pilot 2004 to present, “Wilbur” is a retired USAF fighter pilot with 151 combat hours and 4000 total fighter hours. He flew the A-10 Warthog during Operation Desert Storm and the F-117 Stealth Fighter during the second Gulf war, Operation Iraqi Freedom. Wilbur has had several unique assignments consisting of instructing Taiwanese pilots in the AT-38B, flying as an Exchange Pilot with Britain’s Royal Air Force in the T.1 Hawk and Gr.7 Harrier and most notably in the F-16 as the #5 Thunderbird Solo Pilot from 1999 to 2000. Wilbur currently flies as a corporate pilot.

Rob “Stache” Hutchison

Right Wing #2
Patriots 2006 to present
Rob is a 747 Captain, accomplished skydiver and avid marathoner. He holds 12 Type ratings and is a Competitive Aerobatic Pilot.

John “Bordz” Posson

Left Wing #3
Patriots 2003 to present
John has 25 years of commercial flight experience including flying for Wien Air Alaska, Hawaiian Airlines and United Airlines. From 2006 to the present he's logged over 1300 hours in the P-51 as an instructor for Stallion 51 in Kissimmee, Florida and his vintage aircraft experience includes flying DC-3s, Beech 18s, Howards, Grumman Widgeons and more.

Paul "Sticky" Strickland

Slot #4
Patriots 2006 to present
"Sticky" is a retired USAF A-10, F-5, and F-16 fighter pilot with 270 combat hours and 3000 total fighter hours. He served as the Slot #4 pilot with the USAF Air Demonstration Squadron "Thunderbirds" and currently flies for Southwest Airlines. He's been married to Gena for 30+ years, who calls him "Sticky."

Scott "Intake" Kartvedt

Outer Left Wing #5
Patriots 2018
Our brand new #5 pilot, Scott was the Navy’s first Commanding Officer of the only F-35C Stealth Strike Fighter Squadron in the US. Scott also commanded an F/A-18 Hornet squadron during two combat deployments to Afghanistan He has accumulated over 4,300 flight hours and 650 carrier arrested landings on 11 different aircraft carriers. In 1999 Scott became a member of the Blue Angels where he was the #7 VIP pilot and Narrator for the 2000 show season; and during the 2001-2002 seasons, he flew as the Opposing Solo, #6 and Lead Solo Pilot #5 . Scott currently flies for United Airlines.

Randy 'Howler" Howell

Outer Right Wing #6
Patriots Jet Team Owner
Randy has accumulated more than 27,000 hours of flight time and took early retirement as a 747-400 Capt. He's an advanced instructor in aerobatics, formation and UPRT as well as Check Airman in a multitude of aircraft. He has flown air shows for 24 years and raced in three different classes at the Reno Air Races. He holds an ATP with 24 different type ratings from MiG-17's to the Boeing 747.

Supporting Pilots

Jeff "Mojo" Jess

Cory "Zippy" Lovell

Michael "Ding" Mainiero

Ground Crew

Jeff "Mojo" Jess

Jet Operations

Mark "Moose" Kruger

#1 Crew Chief

Tom "Ponch" Roybal

#2 Crew Chief

Mike "Kojak" Ehlert

#3 Crew Chief

Jim "Jimbo" Fahl

#4 Crew Chief

Steve "Rings" Diethelm

#6 Crew Chief

Phil "Stroke" Newlin

Smoke Board Tech

Benny "B2" Sanchez

Smoke Tech. Asst.

Support Crew

Marie "Babe" Howell

Hospitality Coordinator

Ginette "Ginger" Huot

Events & Sponsor Coordinator

Emmy Dillon

Music Coordinator

Michael "Smurf" Temby


John "Sky" King

Safety Observer

Micheal "Ding" Mainiero


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