The Patriots Jet Team Helps Make the Battlefield 4 Release a Soaring Success

The media comes out in full force to cover the Patriots Jet Team’s performance at the Battlefield 4 release.

Here at the Patriots Jet Team headquarters, we believe that everything is better when you add jets. Apparently, the folks over at Electronic Arts do too. They recently hired us to fly over their offices to celebrate the launch of their new game, Battlefield 4.

On October 29th, we surprised the hardworking staff over at EA with an aerial demonstration that rocked the whole office! Although this time of the year can be a little brisk, the conditions – sunny and clear – couldn’t have been better for the EA team to watch us from the ground. Although our pilots couldn’t pick out a face in the audience from their cockpits, our sources on the ground told us that staffers at EA had their heads in the clouds. And, in our line of work, that’s a good thing.

Once the media got word of the event, reporters lined up at the EA campus to cover the game’s release and to catch our show. News 10 reporter, Barry White, was on the scene interviewing EA’s spokesperson, Lincoln Herschberger. The event also got its own article in the Bay Area’s local NBC online news.

Additionally, our team used GoPro cameras to record the flight and the show. The finished video came out really well; it really captured the excitement we all felt putting on the show for EA.

As you will see in the video, all of our Patriots team members are world-class jet pilots with many years of experience. As the premier privately owned aerial jet team in the USA, we have no military affiliation. In other words, we do these shows and events because we love it, not because we have to. We love working with our clients to create once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

For EA that meant ending our three flyovers with an enormous number 4 written in the sky with the smoke from our planes. We think we nailed it.

We feel fortunate that we were able to partner with EA to create such a unique and special event. We worked hard to create a show that was designed just for the creative minds that comprise the EA team, and we think our hard work paid off. We sincerely thank EA for the opportunity to let us perform for you, and hope to fly with you again soon.

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