Frequently Asked Questions

Why Patriots Jet Team UPRT?

The Patriots Jet Team Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (Patriots  Jet Team UPRT) program is uniquely designed to provide an experience unlike any other to the client searching for the ultimate in upset prevention training. We believe that a pilot enrolled in an upset training course is best served by training in an aircraft that most closely resembles the type of aircraft that our clients are flying on a daily basis. While many of our competitors utilize single engine piston aerobatic aircraft as the core of their training program, the Patriots Jet Team UPRT utilizes the L-39 and Sabreliner  as our training platforms. The L-39 provides a high level of maneuverability and acclimates our clients to the aerobatic envelope and inverted flight as well as jet upset prevention and recovery techniques. This avoids negative training when having to accommodate the aerodynamic effects of a propeller. The Sabreliner allows our clients to train, feel and experience what a true upset event would feel like as well as learn the appropriate recovery techniques in a crew environment on a business aircraft throughout the full aerobatic spectrum of maneuverability. A Sabreliner’s flight characteristics closely resemble the kind of maneuverability one would find in modern-day corporate aircraft that are being flown by flight departments all around the world. It is through this real-world experience that we provide our clients with the tools for recovery that could mean the difference between a successful real-world recovery or not.

Where is Byron, California?

Byron, CA and the Byron Municipal Airport is located approximately 1 hour east of the San Francisco Bay area. If you are traveling to Byron, CA via commercial air, the Oakland International Airport is the most convenient commercial airport to our training facility.

Where can I stay while I am here?

There are a variety of hotels in Brentwood and Tracy California which is approximately 20 min. away from the airport.

What kind of aircraft do we use in the course?

Most of our competitors utilize either simulators, or highly maneuverable single engine piston aerobatic aircraft to train clients. At Patriots Jet Team UPRT, we believe that there is nothing better than the real thing, and as a result we have developed a training program which utilizes the L-39C and Sabreliner 60 jet aircraft.

The L-39 is a single engine fighter-trainer. Clients will receive two flights in this aircraft, and be exposed to a wide range of maneuvers throughout its flight envelope to learn the principles of an upset event and develop a solid foundation of techniques to implement on their Sabreliner flight.

The Sabreliner is a mid-size corporate aircraft which we use to train our clients how to recover from upset events in a manner that would most closely resemble the airplanes they are flying on a day to day basis. Our unique FAA certification allows Patriots Jet Team UPRT clients to experience and train to recover from upset events throughout the full aerobatic spectrum in the Sabreliner, which sets apart the Patriots UPRT program from any other UPRT program in the country.

How are our aircraft maintained?

All of our aircraft are professionally maintained by a highly experienced staff of technicians and A&P mechanics. Our team has more than 15 years of experience maintaining our aircraft and are held to the highest commercial standards.

Do we require “add-ons” or additional payment to fly the aircraft used in the course?

The Patriots UPRT course does not require any “add-ons” or additional payment in order to complete the entire course. All flight training is completed in actual aircraft and no simulators are used. Clients may pay for additional flight time to what is prescribed in the course in either aircraft if they desire additional training.

Do we use simulators?

The Patriots UPRT program does not use simulators for any flight training.

How many days will the course take?

The typical course is 2 days long, pending weather and client availability.

Will we train individual clients?

Absolutely! It does not matter if you are an individual owner/pilot or a corporate flight department. We will work with all clients to develop a flight training plan to meet their unique needs.

Where can I find out more information?

Please  email the Patriots Upset Prevention and Recovery Training program at: