Patriots Jet Team Member Soars in the Sky and the Water

Team member Michael Temby’s barefoot waterskiing video goes viral.

It’s no secret that Patriots Jet Team members love adrenaline. Since we can’t all fly the jets, we often look for other ways to feed the need for speed. That is why our team member, Michael Temby, likes to waterski.

Michael isn’t your average water skier, though. In fact, Michael doesn’t really ski. You see, Michael is a barefoot water skier. That’s right. He skis without skis. He also doesn’t really ski. He dances, dives and flips on the water.

Growing up near the Sacramento Delta, Michael began waterskiing early in life. He began performing as a barefoot skier as a young man, and competed in the United States Trick Championships. Now a grandfather, Michael still amazes his audiences with his skill and strength on the water.

Recently, Michael was featured in a video filmed and produced with GoPro cameras. This video shows Michael at his barefoot best, flying high as he flips, dives and dances behind the boat that pulls him. This “barefoot breakdancing” video soon went viral, with views in the hundreds of thousands.

Once Michael’s video went viral, the media couldn’t wait to post it to their syndications. Michael’s GoPro waterskiing video was featured on MSN and The Blaze, and was shared all over social media sites. Suddenly, Michael was all over!

Just like the choreographed maneuvers our Patriots Jet Team performs in the air, Michael’s barefoot waterskiing dance moves seemingly defy gravity. Thanks to the amazing video quality of the GoPro cameras, his unique talent was captured beautifully.

Nicely done, Michael and GoPro!

Watch Michael’s amazing video, shot with GoPro cameras!

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