Get a Glimpse into Our Hangar of Dreams

The Patriots Jet Team houses its jets in a hangar designed by pilots for pilots.

Imagine going to work every day to an office that you personally designed. In this office, your needs would be taken very seriously, and everything you required to produce your best work would be right at hand. In this place, your coworkers would all be the best in the world at what they do. They would respect and admire you, and you would feel the same way about them.

Sound like a dream?

Well, here at the Patriots Jet Team headquarters, this dream is a reality. Thanks to the vision of our owner, Randy Howell, our jets spend their time on the ground in our team’s Hangar of Dreams. Randy and his lovely wife, Marie, personally designed and oversaw the construction of our hangar.

Located in Byron, California, our hangar was completed in the summer of 2012. What was once just a flat stretch of land nestled among the farmland in the Sacramento Delta is now a state-of-the-art hangar. At over 30,000 square feet, our Hangar of Dreams easily fits our six jets and still has room to spare.

The best part of our hangar, though, is that we get to use it to share our love for aviation with others. We recently toured the hangar with Kari Byron from Travel Channel’s “America Declassified.” We are so thrilled that this show will give even more people a chance to see just what makes the Patriots Jet Team’s hangar the Hangar of Dreams.

We also use our hangar to share our love of aviation with aviation enthusiasts of all ages.

Youngsters come from all over to attend our science and aviation classes. One of the Patriots Jet Team’s primary objectives is to encourage young people to consider careers in aviation. In addition to our air shows, we help spark this interest by inviting youngsters to attend weekly classes in our hangar. We can’t think of a better forum for aviation classes than a world-class hangar.

Additionally, we encourage people of all ages to volunteer inside our hangar. Our dedicated and talented volunteers assist with jet maintenance and repair, and keep our hangar in excellent shape. These volunteers help ensure the continued success of our foundation. We think they have fun, too!

We also invite business owners to make a statement by hosting corporate events at the Patriots Jet Center. Our facility is massive, and we provide corporate clients with a range of options, such as motivational speeches by our pilots, and in-depth tours of our jets. We provide your guests with an unconventional venue that can help boost branding and impressions.

The Patriots Jet Center is an integral member of the Patriots Jet Team. It is a home base of which we are proud. In fact, it’s a good thing we love flying jets so much. Otherwise, we might never want to leave our hangar.

Want to learn more about the Patriots Jet Team’s Hangar of Dreams? Check out these videos:

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