In Air Events

Impression Branding or Special Show

Are you ready to launch that next big thing?  What better way to get your brand message across than in the air?  Integrate air marketing in your corporate communication plans to generate that extra excitement you need to fly high.

Stadium Fly-By’s

NFL stadiums and other sport engagements have a captive audience.  Aerial flyovers are a great way to promote your brand. These powerful messages can be linked to social media campaigns for greater effectiveness.

Air Show Opportunities

Get your message and company name across loud and clear to air show audiences with the Patriots Jet Team aerobatic performance just like the Navy’s Blue Angels or the Air Force’s Thunderbirds. With more than 10 million North American air show attendees per year in the United States, it’s a great opportunity to create a buzz and increase company exposure.

Fast Facts

  • Millions of media impressions
  • Featured in hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles, television (major network and cable channel) programs
  • Patriot Jet Team Pilots have participated in more than 1,500 air shows and have over 105,000 hours of combined flight experience

Discover how the Patriots Jet Team can work for you.

Get low cost, engaging impressions that will leave audiences talking about your brand.