The Patriots Jet Team Joins the Roster of Spectacular Performers at 2014 Miramar Air Show

The elite team of world-class pilots brings the thunder at San Diego’s premier Air Show.

The organizers of the Miramar Air Show invite the Patriots Jet Team to blaze across San Diego’s skies again this year.

PJT-Miramar-BannerA rare mix of former United States Air Force, former United States Navy and commercial professionals comprises the unique talent of pilots. Their six L-39 jet diamond formations are true marvels of military engineering that demonstrate skill, control and raw power to spellbound spectators. Being the only citizen-owned, six-aircraft team in the country allows the Patriots Jet Team to offer high-impact, in-air and grounded sponsorship and promotional opportunities through its agent, Exact Market emMPaas: Events.

“The Miramar Air Show is a proud military tradition,” says Randy Howell, owner of the Patriots Jet Team. “It is a truly inspiring way to honor American service. We are eager to contribute some high-energy excitement with our signature maneuvers. All of us are really looking forward to it.”

A tremendous spectacle will be roaring across the skies! The Patriots Jet Team will be performing their captivating aerial moves at the Miramar Air Show on October 3-5, 2014. For tickets and information, please visit:

About the Patriots Jet Team

The Patriots Jet Team is the only civilian-owned six-aircraft aerobatic jet team in the United States. Featuring world-class pilots who are former members of elite military teams, the Patriots Jet Team delivers a wide range of innovative in-air, onsite and online marketing opportunities to organizations through Exact Market emMPaaS Cloud. Visit:

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