The Sky’s the Limit with the Patriots Jet Team. Explore more for your next event on or off ground.  The Patriots Jet Team powered by Exact Market, LLC, delivers a deeply engaging event experience that will keep your audiences talking about it.

In-Air Events

Allow us to help you launch your next big thing. From impression branding, special air shows, stadium and sporting events, to flyovers and airshow opportunities we are here to help generate that extra excitement you need to fly high.

Onsite & Online Events

Reveal the raw power and presence of a jet on the show floor of your event. Take advantage of inspirational corporate speeches. Book one (or several) of our pilots for your next online meeting and they can tell their story via the cloud.

Offsite Events

Bring your team to the Patriots Jet Team facility and create buzz and excitement for a new partnership or take your team offsite for a change of environment to boost creativity.

Specialty Events

Team Building, Seminars, Partner Conferences, or Virtual Events. Let the power and precision of the Patriots Jet Team impress and wow guests at your next onsite, offsite, or in air event.

Discover how the Patriots Jet Team can work for you.

Get low cost, engaging impressions that will leave audiences talking about your brand.

Deeply Engaging and Highly Impressive

High ROI

Take to the skies with ROI when you work with the Patriots Jet Team on events.

Impressive Impressions

Watch impressions skyrocket with our industry low cost/impression marketing campaigns.

Easy Media

As the only 6 ship civilian owned Jet Team in the country, the media loves what we do.