Patriots Jet Team Foundation is a FINALIST!!

Lightspeed Aviation Pilots Choice Award

Each year, the Lightspeed Aviation Foundation is proud to recognize a select group of deserving aviation nonprofit organizations nominated by members of the aviation community. The Lightspeed Aviation Foundation selected Patriots Jet Team Foundation as 1 of 12 finalists to compete for awards in the Pilots Choice Awards Grant program.


Innate Passion: John “Bordz” Posson’s Path to Flight

John “Bordz” Posson’s father could be credited with leading him toward a life-long interest in aviation. He was a WWII pilot, after all, and also in the Reserves during the 1950s, but Bordz seemingly sparked his own dreams, instinctively. The dream of being a pilot was constantly on his mind. Read more

Envisioning Flight: the Grit and Genius of the Wright Brothers

111 years ago, human flight became possible. On December 17, 1903*, it was an unfriendly, windswept day in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Chosen for its regular air currents and sandy banks for landing, Orville and Wilbur Wright were determined to make their flying machine a success. Read more

The Big Blue Sky of Possibility: Dean “Wilbur” Wright’s Path to Lead Pilot of the Patriots Jet Team

Wilbur was a seven year-old boy when he watched the USAF Thunderbirds perform at an air show in Austin for the first time. Read more

Aviator Aspirations: A Young Man’s Journey from a Paper Route to Owning the Patriots Jet Team

From a very early age, Randy “Howler” Howell knew it was his destiny to fly. Now his own dreams realized help to inspire others. In 1972, a local writer in Florida working for the Palm Beach Post interviewed an 18 year-old who had delivered enough newspapers to start paying for flying lessons. Read more

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