Upset Recovery Overview

Most Fatal Aircraft Upsets Have One Thing in Common.

“Inappropriate Pilot Responses”

Putting Loss of Control In-Flight (Upset) in Perspective

Consistently, over the past 50 years of statistically analyzed accident history in commercial aviation, Loss of Control In-Flight (LOC-I) is indisputably the leading cause of aircraft-related fatalities worldwide. Regrettably, current pilot training curricula, standards and certification requirements perpetuate this pilot-skill deficiency.

Patriots Jet Team Upset Recovery Training

You don’t use a baseball to teach your kid how to play football. You use a football.

You don’t use a propeller driven aircraft to teach upset recovery to a corporate pilot. You use a corporate jet.

We’re the only company certified and actively flying a corporate jet (Sabreliner 60) in the fully aerobatic envelope.


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